CEO Message

The global business environment today is in a period of unprecedented transition. Amid ongoing major changes in world affairs and increasingly complex social issues, Mitsui & Co. is also facing a defining phase where our true value is being tested.

In its long history, Mitsui & Co. has always embraced a spirit of “Challenge and Innovation”. We have leveraged our unique capabilities as a global investment and trading company and combined the power of extensive worldwide networks of partners to truly meet the needs of our customers.

As we strive to play a pivotal role in solving social issues as a responsible member of the global business community, we will pursue our highest aspirations and ambitious goals. At the same time, we are also committed to delivering real solutions and steady results through our day-to-day endeavors, in anticipation of accelerating changes in the business environment.

We have now embarked on the first year of the Medium-term Management Plan 2026, which includes a multitude of concrete action plans toward the creation of a sustainable future in harmony with the environment. Guided by this new compass, we will devote this year to building a sustainable and even more robust business platform.

April 2023

Kenichi Hori
President and Chief Executive Officer